Smokin Racer, 2004 15.3h bay mare

A long time barn favorite, this beautifully conformed solid bodied mare has been a durable, sound, hard knocking race horse, and she surely deserves the very best of new homes where she can put her athletic talents and big heart to a new endeavor. She has won 16 races in her 107 starts, with 54 in the money finishes. Indeed, this year has been one of her most successful racing years, with three wins.  Her owner/trainer says she  is a nice quiet horse and a sweetheart who always gives her best. Every time we have visited this shed row, we have stopped to hand out with “Smokey” and we have always been struck by her beauty and friendly intelligent personality. And when we photographed her she was very friendly and really enjoyed having her pictures taken, and was curious, alert, and very well behaved for everything we asked. She is well balanced, has a nice shoulder, great feet and her trainer says she is sound with no vices. Indeed, when a horse has held up so well for so many races, with clean legs, and a bright happy attitude, you know you have a durable and very sound horse, with a great brain.  Her trainer feels she should transition well to a new career away from the track. This is a very nice horse ready for a new career — please give this mature girl a chance and we think you will be richly rewarded with a loyal friend! In our experience — and in the experience of many others who regularly transition OTTBS to new careers — the more mature horses who are still sound and clean legged after a long racing career are THE BEST!  They are sound, durable, have great work ethics, are good to be around, intelligent, and have many more good years to give a new person.

Contact: Deb Breed 585 289-3467
Price:  $1,000  negotiable.  The best of homes is essential for this wonderful mare and references will be required and checked.

Race Record and Pedigree:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.


Ready Victory, 2007 16.3h, chestnut gelding

We have been drooling over this flashy boy since the first time our volunteers saw him 2 years ago. His owner/trainer loves him dearly, but she is reluctantly willing to part with her very special horse because he has done enough on the track, and it is time to move him on to a new career. And consider the possibilities with such a tall, flashy, great moving horse!  His trainer states that he is sound and is a joy to work with, with a sweet and affectionate temperament. He has held up sound over a career with 77 starts and 9 wins. But he does have an occasional flare up of cellulitis in a hind leg (perhaps due to sensitive skinned white legs and the excessive moisture and sandy grit horses on the track are exposed to). She says it seems to flare up more when the weather turns cold, so she might prefer that he go to a new home in a warmer climate.   But her overall most important consideration is that he go to a home where the people have the experience and knowledge to treat the cellulitis flares when they happen.  She will be very selective about the right home, and references will be required.  We think “Vic” has great sport horse potential, and the pedigree to match: he is a son of Belmont winner Victory Gallop out of a mare by Halo, which is a renowned sport horse line.

Contact: Nancy McCabe 585-315-0719

Price: TBD by trainer based on suitability of home

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Pride of Paris, 2008 15.3h bay mare

This very pretty and athletic mare, known to her connections as Peaches, has been a winning machine on the track, with 10 wins, and 15 placings, but she is running out of eligibility conditions for further racing so her owners want move her on to a new career. Her riders say she is a good girl and really nice to ride. Her trainer says she is very attentive, brave and bold and feels she is game to try anything. She really impressed us with her great topline, good shoulder and strong hindquarters. Her trainer feels she would be a great eventing or jumper prospect, and after watching her agile cat like movement, we couldn’t agree more. Her trainer says she is sound with no vices. An experienced rider can go far with this mare!

Note: the video was taken last year, right after she had just had her shoes pulled at the end of the meet and she was a little foot tender.  But we watched the video of her winning race on 11/7/2014, and we saw beautiful movement, with a fluid balanced gallop and a big lofty flat kneed trot.

Contact Megan Lucas- 585-766-4380

Price $2500

Race Record and pedigree:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

First Dine, 2009 15.3h bay mare

Do you want a lovely moving horse who is already retrained and showing aptitude for several new disciplines? Well then, First Dine is for you!  This daughter of Stonesider was purchased though our listings in late 2013, and spent all of 2014 off the track, being ridden western and English, going on trails, and she even had barrel racing training. She went over tarps, into water, and along the road without batting an eye. She was introduced to small jumps, and she went right over, showing cute form. Then her owner got a job at the track, so First Dine came along with her, and they decided to put her back in race training during 2015.  She even managed to win her first career race, but it is obvious that the next level of competition is too tough for her. Her owner thinks her true talents lie in a non-racing direction, in one of the many she has already been exposed to.  The owner recently reestablished the retraining fundamentals with the mare, and First Dine went right back to lunging, bending, flexing, and one rein stops in western tack like it was all old hat to her.  She turns out well with other horses, was able to go barefoot off the track, and is up to date on all shots, teeth, and worming. She is clean legged and sound.  She has an excellent pedigree for sport and jumping.  Her sire Stonesider is a son of Giant’s Causeway, and we have placed several Stonesider offspring into new careers as eventers, show hunters, and dressage careers.  They are good movers with good brains.  Her damsire is Behrens, from the Pleasant Colony/His Majesty/Ribot line.

Contact: Alexandra Hillegass   585-500-5946

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Sweet Argument, 2007 16.3 h dark bay mare

No argument here –this really big elegant bay girl is so pretty she doesn’t need any white to prove how fancy she is!   With her uphill build, athleticism, and lovely movement Sweet Argument would make a sweet eventer for the experienced rider looking to move up the levels. If you are looking for a jumper or dressage horse she no doubt could do that too. Even standing still she exudes class and athleticism!  She has been a durable and successful race horse, with 6 wins and 50% top three finishes in her 65 starts.  She is ready to move on to a new career sound and clean legged, which is a testament to her durability.  She prefers a synthetic track to the dirt surface at Finger Lakes, and she has few racing conditions left, so her trainer has decided that it is time to let this hard trying mare move on to new endeavors.  If you are looking for a big and seriously athletic horse with good energy, this mare is for you. The trainer says she can get a bit antsy in the track environment, but that she settles down once away from the track. She comes from a great sire line for sport/jumping: she is by Closing Argument, who is from the In Reality sire line from a dam by Mr. Greeley, a son of Gone West.

Price:  $2000 negotiable
Contact: Michelle Tasso 585-472-2804

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Bad Boy Bubby, 2006 16h bay gelding

There’s nothing bad about the  beautiful Bubby — he’s a barn favorite with a great personality, and a beautiful solid body with balanced correct conformation.  His trainer describes him as quiet, calm, sound, and a horse who does everything right. Bubby is one of those horses that is known to a lot of people on the backside, partly because he is something of a fixture here, but also because he such a cool horse who draws fans easily. Bubby is a love, a sweet been-there-done-that hunk of a horse who, we have a hunch, will be a devoted partner to his next person. He has a remarkable race record with 14 wins out of 83 starts, a testament to his work ethic and durability. He has a beautiful shoulder and kind, intelligent eyes. He moves quite lightly for his body size, with cadence, suspension, and reach. He looks like a willing sport mount to carry you across the hunt field, cross country course or dressage ring. We were also informed that earlier in his life, while in Florida, he had some training for polo, which further shows his versatility and good  brain and suitability for many new careers.  Horses like this who hold up to racing over several years, and retire sound with clean legs and a happy attitude are real gems, durable, smart, good to be around.
Race record and Pedigree: 

Price: $1000
Contact: Marianne  585-491-2391
As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

11/2014 video

Hookdonchurchpunch, 2009 bay gelding, 15.3 h

This adorably cute guy is a trainer favorite, and she admits he is her spoiled pet who loves candy and cuddles.  He’s not all that interested in racing anymore, so she has played around with riding him English and western, and even retraining him as a track pony… all of which he handled just fine, which shows his good nature, good brain, and adaptability for many new disciplines.  But she does not have time or need for another track pony horse, so she would like to find him a great new home where someone can love him and give him the time and attention he deserves.  He has a solid balanced build, and is a good mover.  She says he is sound, very quiet and easy to handle and ride, and she thinks he would be suitable as a kid’s horse.  He has good breeding for  jumping/sport disciplines, as his sire is Hook and Ladder, who is from Dixieland Band and Cox’s Ridge lines and has sired several horses who are doing well as show hunters, pony clubbers or eventers. His dam is by Two Punch, a sire much coveted by eventers.  This horse is the sort of all around good solid friendly guy that will be worth his weight in gold!
Contact: Adrianne D’Alessandro  585-281-1810
Price:  $2,000 negotiable

Race Record and pedigree:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Updated Photos 6/2015

Updated video 6/2015

Hit Your Stride, 2008 15.3 chestnut mare with chrome

This flashy and beautiful mare is built like a tank with an enormous hind quarter and huge shoulder. You don’t see many mares built like her and she is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh. Her trainer states that she is 100% sound. She is being retired from racing because she has gone through all of her conditions and it is difficult for her to be competitive in tougher racing spots. One of her trainer’s favorites, she is described as a “sweetheart” and very easy to work with. She was such a quiet and well behaved girl for her photo session. She jogged slowly and patiently, suggesting potential as a western pleasure horse. When she did stride out at the trot, we also saw movement that will command attention in the hunter ring as well. Don’t hesitate to call because  she won’t last long. An excellent home is essential for this much loved mare. Race record and pedigree:

Contact: Donna Bireta-585-281-3058

Price: $2,000 negotiable

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.


Justgivemeasecond, 2007 year old, 16h chestnut mare

This beautiful and very well bred girl walked into the sunlight gleaming like a newly minted copper penny! She has a beautiful, sloping shoulder and powerful engine, which suggest athleticism and jumping ability, and shows very nice movement with good suspension. Her owner obviously has a soft spot in his heart for this successful and sweet girl, and he thinks that she has earned a retirement from racing into a great new home. He describes her as a sweetheart, and a delight to work around who never does anything wrong. He also states that she is sound, has no vices and has been an easy keeper.   With her compact balanced build , we can see polo potential but we also can see her as a stunning show horse. With her pedigree she is an excellent broodmare prospect. Her dam is a NY stakes winner from a strong female family with a lot of quality black type, and she has already produced a NY stakes placed filly, and her Malibu Moon yearling colt got bids of over $100,000 at the 2014 Saratoga yearling sale. So breeders should give this mare very serious consideration as a broodmare prospect.

Contact: Chris Roncone: 585-303-0335

Price: $2000 negotiable

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Lumberjane 2009 dark bay 16.3+ h mare

Hello Prime Timber offspring (so well known for great sport horses) lovers! The big and oh so sweet Lumberjane is back on our listings after we originally listed her as a lanky 3 year old youngster. She was retained for racing and actually produced a decent race record with 27 lifetime starts, 3 wins, 4 seconds and 4 thirds. That puts her in a category of competition on the track that the owner/trainer doesn’t want to ask of her. She is much loved by her connections and it’s easy to see why. When we first greeted Jane in her stall she walked right up and placed her lovely face into our volunteer’s chest for scritches and loving. What a sweet mare she is! We handled Jane ourselves for her photos and video while the owner/trainer was busy elsewhere and she was perfectly quiet and well behaved for photos and jogging. She loved hanging out with us and getting our attention as much as we love providing it! The lanky youngster is now all grown up into a big bodied, big mare with balanced conformation and surprisingly lofty movement for such a
big girl. She is described as sound and she appeared sound to us. She
also politely picked up her feet when one of our volunteers picked the
straw slippers out of her feet! Jane sometimes flips her palate when she races, but the trainer states that she gets anxious on race day and that stress exacerbates her tendency to have this issue. He feels confident that it is the rigors and stressof
racing that cause this and that she is unlikely to have problems in another discipline.

We feel that we know Jane well after following her for a few years, and we think this mare has unlimited potential for an eventing, fox hunting or hunter/jumper career, and we would be delighted to see her in a loving home where she will be a
pampered, doted-on best friend to her human.

Contact: Tommy Hurd 585-353-3084

Price: $1500
Race record and pedigree:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

2012 Photos:

Goodguysontop, 2010 16h bay gelding

A good guy indeed — young, sound, solid boned nice mover with unlimited potential for a sport career!  This handsome guy is known as “Mikey,” and he has demonstrated that he is too slow for a racing career, but that is your gain. Mikey is described as quiet and very nice to ride, and as completely sound. We admired his sturdy solid boned balanced build and his friendly personality and beautiful face with flashy markings. He showed nice movement for his jog video, with cadence and suspension that demonstrates potential for eventing, dressage and hunters. Mikey is a light cribber, but the trainer says it is completely controlled by a collar.  He is likely to grow a bit more and has the substance and quality to deserve serious consideration if you are looking for an event prospect or a show hunter. Mikey is also well bred, by Pulpit’s son Ecclesiastsic who is a half brother to the hot young leading sire War Front. A lot to like here!

Race record and Pedigree:

Price:  $2,000
Contact:  Wayne Sparling  Cell:  607-434-7213   or H: 607-865-4083   Note: This horse trains off the owner/trainer’s farm near Oneonta NY, and he comes to the Finger Lakes Racetrack when entered for a race, or for an appointment with an interested potential purchaser. So it is essential that you call to make an appointment, either to go to the farm or to have the horse brought to the track. And please keep that appointment!


As always, a pre-purchase exam is recommended.

Valuable Friend, 2008 16h, chestnut mare

Update: She is now in need of a new home as soon as possible! Our photos are from 2012, when she was in another barn. She continued to race well since then, but now she is letting her connections know that it is time to move her on to a non-racing career. We have been informed that she is sound, but could use a little bit of downtime from her racing career before being started in retraining for a new discipline. This is a lovely mare, please give her a chance!

This beautiful girl with little white spots on her gleaming chestnut coat looks to us like she has fancy show horse potential!  Flashy, eye-catching, and very pretty, she has excellent conformation, and she posed ever so quietly like a model.   Her trainer says she is sound, generally well behaved, and not at all marish. With her great shoulder and lovely flat kneed movement, we can see her excelling as a show hunter.  She had raced the day before her photo session, and she appeared very sound for her jog.  They want to find her a new home because she is just not showing enough top racing ability now that she has to face tougher race conditions to make it worth continuing.  But there is indeed real quality here for a new career.  She may be the bargain of the season!

Price: $500 negotiable to a good home
Contact Ed Babcock  H: 585-742-2679  or cell: 585-704-1323

September, 2014

Tannery Town 5 year old 16 h bay gelding – Updated Photos!

Update September 2014:  Tannery Town has been hanging out on a farm near the track, still waiting for his new home. We were able to go to this farm and get new photos of him, and you can see what a beautiful horse he is.  He is sound and eager for a new person and a job!

This sweet and friendly son of Hook and Ladder impressed us with his alert intelligent expression, pretty head, and solid build. His groom described him as quiet with no vices, and we saw that for ourselves as he got the horse ready for his photos. Tannery had raced just a couple of days before, so the wraps were standard post race care. The groom said he has set osselets on his ankles, but is racing sound on them. It was far too icy for a jog video, but we did watch some race replays to assess the horse’s movement, and he looked like a nice balanced mover. It is time for Tannery to find a new career because since he broke his maiden he has not raced will enough in the next level of competition. We think he could make a fun pleasure or trail horse, and he also seemed quiet and kind enough for a kid’s horse, pony club, or a lesson program after retraining.®istry=T
Price: $500

Contact Chris Progno or Lisa Reed  585-303-0527

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Pure Nature, 5 year old 16.2h bay gelding: New Price!

Flashy sport horse prospect – young, sound, nice mover, great brain!  We first listed him last year, and although his owner/trainer decided to keep  him to race again this year, he generated quite a lot of interest. Well, they are now committed to retiring him from racing and finding him a great new home, so go snag this outstanding prospect quickly. We were impressed with how much he had grown since we saw him last year, and now that he is 5 he has probably reached close to his full mature height. His trainer says he is a very sweet horse, quiet, well behaved, and sound with no vices. She thinks he would bond with a younger person since he is so sweet. She described him as a forward horse who is on the bit during training and  demonstrates an eagerness to do his job. He showed a lovely trot with cadence and suspension, and in a race video that we watched we also saw fluid, flat kneed movement. This handsome boy could go in any direction – the hunter ring, eventing, dressage. He is by Hook and Ladder, which is a good pedigree for jumping.

Price: $1,000
Contact: Lesley Friedman 585-919-9170

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Smokin Warrior, 2004, 16.2 h bay gelding

Gorgeous, sound, solid bodied, good mover… the epitome of the wonderful war horse. This guy has a lot of good years left in him, and the wise person who steps up for him will be richly rewarded in our opinion. Do not let his age deter you — this horse is high quality with a great brain and personality! Smokin Warrior has a beautiful head and  great conformation. He is both good-sized and elegant, and we loved his balanced movement. Indeed, when we watched him jog for  his video, we could see him in the hunter ring. He has been “nothing but good” for his trainer, having won 20 races and earned over $250,000 on the track. He is described as sound, clean legged, with a very good quiet and kind temperament, loads and unloads politely, and is great in turnout. His trainer is extremely attached to this boy, which further testifies to the willing, sensible, and no nonsense attitude this horse has consistently shown in all circumstances. A quality “war horse” with a big heart who could go in many directions and bring you much pleasure!
Contact:  Joe Marino  315 521-0583 or Marc Marino 315-719-1572

August 2014 Photos and Video

2013 Photos



Il Salvattore, 2008 year old, 14.2 dark bay gelding: update trail trained!

Il Salvattore, known as “Boo” or  “Boobie”, is small and stocky, with a great top line. He looks like a Quarter horse and even though he’s small, he takes up leg. Indeed, he has already been retrained as a great trail horse, and he loves it, forging through woods and water, and he has even been ridden by a very young child. He also has great potential as a barrel horse or pony hunter/jumper and maybe even a reiner. As the video shows, he has quite the western jog. He is now retired from racing and is awaiting his new owner at a farm in Dansville. Last year he had a hairline fracture and was given several months off and the injury fully healed and he is described as completely sound. The owner and handler says she has ridden him bareback. She also said that merely a week after Il Salvattore came off the track, she put western tack on him and he went around barrels like an old pro. He loves attention and wants to please. She describes him as a “major lover” and wants to secure the best of homes for him.

PRICE $1,500, negotiable to a good home.
Contact Hannah at- (607) 661-3212 if interested.

Al’s Lark, 10 year old 16.3 h dark bay gelding: new price!

Update: July 2014:  In the interest of finding this great horse a new home as soon as possible, his owner has decided to drop his price to well below what he is worth. This is a beautiful horse, sound, and ready for his new career!

Update May 1, 2014: This wonderful elegant horse had the winter off at a farm near Rochester, and his owner sent him to the track where he was started back galloping and swimming, and then decided that the best thing for this horse was to send him back to the farm, start retraining him for a new career, and find him a great new home. He can be seen at the farm, where they report that he is great to handle, an intelligent gentleman, and good in turn out.

An elegant, wise old soul of a war horse who has won over $275,000 in his successful racing career.  Al impressed us with his quiet, gentlemanly attitude, and his kind eye.  On a stormy day when many horses were acting up, Al was a perfect gentleman, and jogged quietly, showing off very nice movement. With his solid build, he will be able to accommodate a taller rider. Although he has some old “track jewelry”  in his front ankles, he is described as sound on them, and he certainly jogged soundly for his video. We see many years of riding enjoyment in this handsome mature guy’s future. He might make the perfect “husband” trail and pleasure horse! Shortly after we photographed him, Al was relocated to a farm in Webster NY, near Rochester NY and not too far from the Finger Lakes Race Track, where he will be turned out and let down from the track.  You can call his owner and make an appointment to go see him there — and since he will be enjoying turn out he will be that much more ready for you to transition him to his new career.
Price: $500
Contact: Pat DiLella  585-935-1512

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Peakaboo Connie, 4 year old, 16.1 h chestnut filly

This pretty, sound, nice moving filly is described by her trainer as a very young four year old who is still maturing. He does not want to put any more time into her training for the track as she shows no aptitude for racing. He describes Connie as a very sweet, easy to handle, girl who is sound and has no vices. Because she is so lightly raced, and so quiet, we think she will be ready for retraining sooner,  rather than later. We like her balanced conformation, gleaming coat and pretty face with soft eyes. At the jog she showed a pretty, sweeping fluid rhythm with cadence. We first listed this pretty filly last fall whe she was unraced, but then her owner decided he wanted to keep her over the winter at his farm and try to race her this year. We were impressed with how much she had grown and matured physically, and we think she is likely to grow a bit more. We can see this flashy beautiful mover of a girl getting you noticed in the show ring. Her sire is from the Relaunch/In Reality sire line, which is a very highly regarded bloodline for producing jumpers.  She is out of the same dam as Broadway’s Stardust, from the FLF class of 2011. And while she may not be much as a racehorse, she has obvious quality for other disciplines, at a bargain price!

Contact: Jared Schoeneman 585-284-5837

Price: $1,000


Fashionette, 6 year old, 16.3h chestnut mare

Chrome Alert! You can’t miss this girl who is big and beautiful and yes, we know she is 16.3 because we sticked her. Her trainer says she has a wonderful personality and is quiet. We certainly saw that while we got her pictures and gave her lots of mints. She was a lovely mover and so well behaved while trotting down the road. Looks, ability and size, think of where you can take this girl! She’s not likely to be hanging out in the shedrow for long so call and get right out to the track to see her.

Contact: Phyllis Shetron 585 317-8892
Asking: $1,500

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Raise the Code, 6 year old 16.3 h dark bay gelding: New price!

With his size, looks and obvious athleticism, this impressive horse is a perfect candidate to be an eventer or to excel in the H/J ring. He has the slightly uphill, well balanced build , and lightness and suspension in his movement desired by eventers and dressage riders. He is lightly raced, with only 18 starts.  He has an old bow, but his trainer says he is sound on it. Indeed, he is a barn favorite with a personality that has captured the heart of everyone in the shedrow. He is expressive, likes attention, and loves candy, especially nerds candy!  On the day we took these photos, we caught up with him just before he was going over to the eurociser for a workout, so he was wrapped with bell boots in preparation for that, not because there is anything wrong with his legs. He was very well behaved and jogged quietely for his video, even though horses nearby on the walking machine were bucking and acting up. He just looked at them with interest and went aobut his business — definitely the ability to focus on the job at hand on the cross country course!

Contact: Beth Miller-Saul-315-573-2864

Price: $1,500 neg.

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Valid Ocean Pass, 6 year old 15.3 h. bay gelding

Update June 2014:  We first listed this beautiful, quiet, lovely moving horse last fall, and many people were interested in him because they saw the same potential for the show hunter ring that we did. But he was sold to another racing stable to be brought back to the races this spring, and he has raced well this year, with a win and a third in two starts. But he recently incurred an injury in his stall, with a slight crack in a seamoid bone. The prognosis is excellent for eventual return to full work with no restrictions, x-rays are available, and the vet recommends two months stall rest and then rehab including controlled turnout. So this is your chance to get an elegant horse at a greatly reduced price from what he was listed for last fall.  He will reward your care and patience.  A good home is essential, and he will be placed with a no slaughter/no auction contract.

Contact: Lisa Reed or Chris Progno 585-303-0527

Price: $500 negotiable to a good home

Note: the photos and video are from autumn 2013.  Our write up from that time is below.

Here’s your pass to a horse with great show hunter or Pony Club potential.  This flashy guy  has that elegant hunter look, and he is a lovely mover with an equally great laid back disposition.  Nice topline, nice feet and good mover. Trainer says he’s good to ride, turns out well with other horses and is sound with no vices. Great size, great disposition. He has it all and should easily transition to a new career.

Contact: Michelle 585 472-2804
Asking: $1,200 negotiable


Pressure Point, 8 year old,16.1h+ chestnut gelding

Classy, gorgeous, a lovely mover, this elegant guy should shine in the show ring. He has been the pampered pet of the trainer’s son,  who would keep him forever if he could. But he has earned a well deserved retirement from racing, and the very best of homes is essential. he has spent the winter on their farm, so he is all let down and ready to begin his new career. This absolutely gorgeous thoroughbred is by the champion sire Point Given and was purchased as a yearling for $200,000.  He is described as a “clown”  with a great personality, and the entire family has been invested in treasuring his time in their shedrow. He is described as sound and will apparently share your lunch with you if you’re willing to give him a bite of your ham sandwich!

Contact: Paul Ubbink-585-739-8606     If number does not work try  585-738-3159 or  585-749-3159

Price: $1000

Desert Doctor, 6 year old, 16h dark bay mare

Update June 2014:  She is back at the track, looking great, and her trainer says one more race and then she will definitely be ready to move on to a  new home.

Despite the rain this lovely girl showed us just how pretty and athletic she is. She was very sweet and quiet and really enjoyed her mints as she stood munching in the drizzle. She has not shown much aptitude as a racehorse, and her trainer says she is done racing and he wants to find her a good home. He says she has good manners is easy to handle and work with. For her jog video she trotted out on a loose lead, perfectly behaved, and showed off a good stride with lightness and reach.  We can see her as an event horse or a show hunter, or as just an all around horse to enjoy. This friendly girl certainly enjoyed all the attention while we all got soaked.

Asking: $500
Contact : Ulises Gonzalez 585 615-0497

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

U Ought to Know, 5 year old 16.2 h chestnut gelding

Handsome, with an uphill balanced build, great shoulder, clean as a whistle legs, sound, very good mover, good brain — very high quality prospect here for eventing, dressage or H/J.  The trainer’s daughter tells us he is also a real sweetheart! This horse is what everyone says they want: young, sound, athletic, and good to work with! His trainer says he ran well at the end of the meet last year so they decided to keep him over the winter and try to bring him back to the races this spring. But he seems to have lost interest in racing this year, so it is time to find him a new discipline. He is described as a very nice horse to handle with no vices, and his trainer says he is very sound. Indeed, we noticed that his legs and ankles have no signs of any wear and tear on them at all. He was a perfect gentleman for his photo session and jog video, and showed impressive movement with reach and suspension. There is nothing not to like about this young guy!®istry=T

Price: $1,000
Contact: Ralph D’Alessandro 585-281-1029

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Group Effort, 8 year old, 16.1 drk bay gelding – Placed!

“Groupie,” as he is fondly known, is described as very smart, a great character, and a real lovebug. One of his trainer’s all time favorite horses, she says he is sound and a hard working boy and she has finally persuaded the owner that it is time to retire him and move him on to a new career. She feels he has great potential for jumping with his  nice topline, big shoulder, solid hindquarters and clean legs. She says he is a lot of horse and will need an experienced rider. She says that he is much quieter at the farm than at the track environment. With his great personality we can see him making the transition and doing very well.

Contact: Dorothy Gentner 518 522-0229
Asking: $1,500 negotiable

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Siero, 4 year old 15.3h chestnut colt

Wow, this young colt is a looker! Beautifully balanced and lots of flash, and a lovely show hunter type mover. This son of City Zip should certaily get you noticed in the show ring!  He was remarkably quiet for our visit and his groom confirms he is very easy to handle and not even the slightest bit studdish. He is her absolute favorite horse! She says he has a puppydog personality and she lets her toddler son groom him.  She says he is sound but just no longer interested in racing.   Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds has a gelding incentive program, and will contribute $50 towards the cost of gelding to certified good homes.

Price: $800 negotiable
Contact: Stephanie Riedel 585-953-4652

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Miss Star Lee, 6 yo bay mare 16.3 h.

Update: We first listed this mare in December 2012, then her owner/trainer decided to keep her to race one more year.  He recently asked us to list her again.This mare remains as beautiful as ever, and we are including some recent pictures and an updated video.

Elegance and class personified!  This beautiful mare has won so many races there are very few conditions left for her, so her trainer would like to find her a new home where her athleticism and intelligence can excel.  He described her as sound, very good to handle, no vices, and a lovely mover with outstanding show horse potential.   We handled her ourselves, and she was perfectly behaved for her photos and jog video.  She was very friendly and curious, and loved the mints and carrots we offered.  She looks like an excellent event or show horse prospect, and there are many good jumping lines in her pedigree.
Price: $2500
Contact:  Bryan Armstrong  585-259-0114

FLF Windy Cafe, 5 year old 15.3 h chestnut mare

Update:  FLF took this mare in as a rehab/retraining/adoption project at the end of the 2013 race meet, to insure that she would have the best opportunity to find a great home.  She has had the winter off, and has enjoyed turnout and some light riding, including by kids.  She is ready for retraining for the discipline of your choice!

This pretty chestnut girl was very polite and well behaved for her listings in a busy driveway.  With her big barrel and balanced conformation this girl should fill out to be a show stopper – we see a real diamond in the rough here!  She was so quiet for her pictures that when she started jogging the volunteers were  oh so pleasantly surprised by her cute toe flicking trot, expecting much less expression from such a mellow mare!  Imagine her with some groceries, muscle development, and all shed out and shined up next year:  she will be a show stopper in the hunter ring.  She also has some wonderful sport/jumping names in her pedigree:  she is a granddaughter of Kingmambo, and her sire’s dam is from the Private Account/Damascus sire line. On her dam side there is the Honest Pleasure/Bold Ruler line, as well as stout lines like Noholme and Rough and Tumble. Cribs but controlled with a  collar.

 Adoption fee: $500 to approved home.

Contact: Lucinda Finley 716-803-4202.

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Brendan’s Warrior 9 year old 16.1 h dark bay gelding

A flashy, very pretty, solid bodied war horse, still sound and clean legged and looking for a new career – you know he is going to be durable.  His trainer says he has been too mellow this year to have any more interest in racing, despite success in past years.   He is described as sound, no vices, great feet, nice to ride and easy to handle. His trainer says that even though he is quiet, it is always best to have an experienced rider  for a horse right off the track, and she wants to make sure that Brendan’s new forever home is a very good one. He had just raced the day before we saw him, and he jogged soundly for his video. He has a wise dignified look and air of elegance about him, and we know those of you who love the older guys are going to fall in love with Brendan.  He has many years left to give.

Contact: Ron or Deb Breed  cell 585-233-3785 or home 585-289-3467

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Disco Beat 2008 Mare 15.3h, dark brown (sure looks black!): Placed

If the idea of lightly raced, kind and gentle is music to your ears then this is your girl. She is clean legged and  completely sound per her trainer so you could be thinking anything from polo to trail riding but don’t wait for the music to stop or you’ll miss your chance to own this lovely mare!  You only have a few days to decide this one is for you…buy her for a song (just because it’s ‘that time of year’)

Price: $500/negotiable

Contact: Phyllis Shetron  585-317-8892

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Beezie Star: Placed!

Our volunteers learned on Saturday Dec. 7 that this pretty sweet filly urgently needed tot find a home by Monday, and we helped pull off the miracle and a wonderful person who has rehomed several Finests in the past stepped up for her the next day and she is now happily romping in a nice paddock!

Beboblues Art, 7 year old, 16h+ bay mare

This beautiful mare has been a good durable race horse, earning over $165,000 in her career. She is very well put together, a nice mover, described as sound, and her pedigree should have both sport horse and race horse breeders lining up for her! She is a daughter of Artax, out of a black type producing Cure the Blues mare, and her second dam is a stakes winner and stakes producer.

Contact: Eddie Maver  585-351-9276

Price: $4000

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Jilluke, 11 year old, 16h+ bay gelding: PLACED!!!

Update: Dec. 9, 2013: Our FLF volunteers have worked hard and found a very good home for Jilluke and shipping has been arranged. He is off to Massachusetts to bring joy to the life of a vet student!. .

This wonderful durable war horse has given his all in 101 starts, and is now in need of a great forever home as soon as possible! His trainer describes him as  kind, friendly and quiet. We admired his solid bodied build and adorable face. The trainer says he has an ankle that gets a bit puffy for a couple of days after a race, but that he is then fine.  He jogged sound for his video. He has certainly held up well over the years through many races, so that bodes well for his soundnes for many new disciplines.

Sir Hollister, 5 year old, 16.1, bay gelding

Handsome, well conformed, sound, and a very nice mover — terrific potential here for the H/J or eventing disciplines!  Terrific pedigree for jumping, by Orville n Wilburs from the Cox’s Ridge sire line well known to produce good brains and sports aptitude. This writer has “known” Sir Hollister from the time of his birth.  He and my mare were born days apart at the same farm and share their sire, Orville n Wilburs. The Cox’s Ridge line is known to produce good brains and sports aptitude, which I certainly find to be true in my mare. Sir Hollister has movement which succeeds in the hunter ring and he is described by his trainer as being sound. He has fallen victim to the bugaboo of moving past his non-winning of two lifetime conditions, having only recently broken his maiden. What a handsome, well conformed young man and, we believe, a steal at the price.
Contact: Neville Henry  585-905-4214
Price: $1500 neg.

As always, a pre-purchase exam is recommended.

Madison Ave Jo Jo, 3 year old 15.3 h chestnut filly; retained for racing

This gorgeous  young filly really wants a career in an environment less stressful than the racetrack, where she can channel her good looks. alert intelligence, and athletic ability in a new direction and reward an experienced patient rider.  Although she has run well this year, hitting the board in half her starts, she gets too wound up and nervous in the track environment to be happy.  Her trainer and groom would like to find her a new outlet that includes turn out and less commotion than the hustle and bustle and noise of the track.  If paired with the right person who has experience with OTTBs and the patience and vision to bring out her athletic talents, we think the beautiful girl can shine. She is a daughter of young sire Utopia, who already has some offspring showing jumping talent. Please give her a chance!
Price: $600 negotiable
Contact: Stef Riedel  585-953-4652

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Parrelo, 4 year old 16 h chestnut gelding.

This handsome guy is described by his trainer as sweet, very good to work with and ride, sound and with very clean legs and with no vices. They say he just needs a new career. We can see that new career being in multiple disciplines!  His pedigree is full of great lines for sport and jumping, with Gone West, Seattle Slew, Secretariat, Roberto, Hail to Reason close up, among others.
Price: $1500.00 negotiable to a good home.
Contact Dan Conway 585-329-7803

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

She’s My Image, 5 year old 16 h bay mare: Placed!!!

This pretty, feminine mare has the most unusual dusting of white on her lovely face. She is ready for a new career because this year she is not racing well, although the past two years she was successful at the allowance level.  It was too windy and cold to get a video on the day we photographed her, but we watched some videos of her winning races and saw nice movement with a flat kneed reach to her gallop and trot. The day we saw her she was exhibiting very high hock movement, but this does not show up in the race videos, so it may have been a reaction to the cold blustery weather.  She is described as sound with no vices. She could go in many direction, and she also is well bred enough to have good broodmare potential for racing or for sport. She is by the very successful race horse Southern Image, from the Halo sire line, and her dam is by Lord Avie, and her second dam is a stakes winner and stakes producer.
Price: $600 negotiable
Contact:  Jamie Boldt  585-943-4298

As always, a pre-purchase exam is recommended.

I’ll Make it Up, 9 year old, 16.1h chestnut gelding: Placed!

Super quiet and a real lover is how the trainer describes this beautiful horse. He’s been retired from racing and she tried to make him a racetrack pony, but he just didn’t appreciate the other horses bouncing off him. She says she has been riding him and he is quiet and well balanced under both English and Western tack. She has even started jumping him. Despite his crooked front legs he is a lovely mover. His trainer says he has stayed sound through many races. His legs are clean and she says he has no vices.  This guy was very well behaved for his video despite the super windy, rainy day. He really would be quite flashy under saddle and fun to ride too. We think he will get noticed in the show ring, and might make a great prospect for local hunter shows. He could also make a great pleasure/trail riding guy! His price is negotiable to the right home.

Price: $500 highly negotiable to a good home
Contact: Adrianne Rohena  585 281-1810

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Double O One 3 year old 16.2 hand bay gelding: Placed!

Double O One may not have a license to kill on the track, but he may steal your heart as a sport horse!  Light on his feet and very mature behaving for his age, he may very well grow into a secret agent with the ability to show in many different venues. He is built very uphill, with a nice even stride,  Double O One is a young sound horse who hasn’t hit the board in 7 starts and is ready to find his true calling in life.  At three, he has more growing to do, but already demonstrates a well developed hind end.  A complete steal at this price.
Price: $500
Contact: Sugar Rohena 585- 290-3842
As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Jilly Willy 7 year old chestnut mare with chrome: retained for racing and breeding

What a flashy solidly built girl, and who wouldn’t fall in love with her pretty face with her wide blaze with spots! This well bred daughter of City Zip is built like a tank, and she was friendly and alert.  She is described as sound and good to handle, and she’s got very nice movement. She has a half sister out of the same mare who is a successful show hunter, so that potential is definitely there for Jilly Willy. We can also see her in western tack, doing barrels, or as a sport horse broodmare. She is at a farm very close to the Finger Lakes race track, where you too can come admire her.  In addition to watching her jog for her video, we watched some race videos to assess her movement, and Jilly Willy looks to have a fluid balanced flat kneed gallop and trot. She has won 5 races with many in the money finishes, and her trainer wants to retire her while she is sound since there are fewer race conditions she is eligible for.®istry=T
Price: $1,000 negotiable
Contact: Mike LeCesse  585-303-9467

Thundering Roar, 6 year old chestnut gelding

Friendly and very handsome, we were limited to admiring this cute guy in his stall, but we sure liked what we saw. He has quite a winning personality and kept begging for treats. We will do our best to get full conformation photos next week, but because he needs a new home as soon as possible, we are going ahead with his listing with limited photos and information. He has been a durable and hard knocking race horse, and looks very well put together. The Finger Lakes stable area closes very soon and he needs to find his new home when it does.®istry=T

Price: $500 negotiable
Contact: Glenroy Brown 585-412-3069

Top Lass, 8 year old bay mare

What a beautiful and very sweet mare, and she’s also a lovely mover. Well balanced, good conformation, clean legs, she is described as sound and easy to handle. Top Lass has been a good hard knocking durable race horse, winning 8 races and over $136,000. In her first year of racing at the age of four, she was a Saratoga allowance winner, which shows her class and quality. We spent a lot of time petting her, and she was very friendly and quiet, and soaked up our attention.She has an outstanding pedigree for sport. Her grandsire is Private Account, who’s a son of Damascus and grandson of Buckpasser. She also has Hoist the Flag and Dixieland Band close up. Excellent broodmare potential here. She is located on a farm very close to the Finger Lakes race track, where you can go get a close up look at this lovely mare.®istry=T

Price: $600 negotiable
Contact: Mike LeCesse 585-303-9467

Emotionltrainwreck–6 y.o. 16.3 h chestnut mare with chrome

Update: Nov. 29, 2013. This flashy mare’s owner had decided it is indeed now time to find her a new home. She retained her for racing through the late summer and fall, the mare ran well, and she has earned a great post-racing life.

This mare is flashy, powerful and athletic all day long. Her trainer describes her as a mare who gets along with her riders as long as they don’t fight with her. She prefers a light, relaxed hand and she will stride out willingly. Her owner says she is good in turn out, gets along well with other horses, and doesn’t act at all “mareish” — she says she’s a good horse to handle. She has run well this year, but her owner wants to move her on to a new career and a great new home while she is  sound and clean legged. A very good home is essential.  In mid-December 2013 when the track closes for the season, she will go to a nearby farm, where you can see her with an appointment made by contacting her owner,
Contact: Kathy Mastin (585) 576-5138 (Trainer) or Andrea Odenbach (Owner) 585-750-5514

Price: $500 negotiable Good home essential

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

McGillycuddy’s Gal, 5 year old 16h dark bay mare – Placed

Update 11/24/13 Here are the photos and video of this lovely girl and you can tell she was worth the wait. We were very impressed with her good looks, she is a well put together flashy girl. This girl has just has no interest in racing. Since she was sore when she came from NY so she had her shoes pulled and has been off for two months. She says she is sound with no vices. She has been going down to swim during her time off and just loves it. Trainer says she is very good in her stall but can be silly and needs an experienced handler. She enjoyed just walking around for her pictures but we didn’t want her trotting out on the hard frozen ground without shoes. This pretty girl is looking for a kind experienced person to bring out her full potential.

A beautiful solid bodied flashy girl! We have visited this filly many times in her stall and she is as sweet as she is beautiful.  Her current trainer told us the filly  came to her in very body sore condition from too much racing down in NY so she gave her two months off. When she got her ready to race again the mare just wasn’t interested. She’s been just hanging out and her trainer feels she just needs some more time to be let down from the track. She says she is sound and very athletic and feels she has real potential to jump, but she says she is also reactive and will need an experienced horseperson and rider with particular experience in transitioning OTTBs.  In the right hands this filly could become a star in eventing, dressage, or jumping. We were able to get only a walk video, because she is barefoot and has only been handwalking in the shedrow for quite a while. But her walk was flowing with a good big stride, and she was well behaved on a frigid blustery day.

Asking: $600
contact : Eileen Muller 585 748-5261

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Diva Star, 3 year old, 15.3-16 bay filly

This sweetie is much loved by her trainer. She says this girl is just too slow for racing and would like to move her on to a new career. Very sweet and friendly she feels with further training she would be a good child’s horse or lesson horse.
She says she is good in her stall and good to ride. We were impressed how quiet and easy to handle while she trotted for her video. Her trainer states she is sound with no vices. She has a dropped hip but says the riders say that they don’t even notice when they work her. Since she is only a three year old, she is likely to grow and fill out more. She has an excellent pedigree — good enough to give her some broodmare potential, by the successful sire Cherokee Run, out of a stakes placed mare by top sire Mr. Greeley, who is a son of Gone West. A good home is an absolute must for this lovely girl.

Contact: Bev Wheaton 585 455-8823

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Beyya, 4 year old, 16.2 drk bay/chrome filly

Here’s a flashy big beauty, dark with a big white blaze and four dazzling socks, who will catch the judges’ eyes in any discipline you choose. This big solid athletic girl is nicely put together and a nice mover — excellent potential for any discipline.  She was friendly and easy to handle and was very relaxed despite cars, trucks and bitter cold winds. Her trainer says she is sound, has no vices and is nice to ride. She will have people stopping just to watch her walk by. We’ve had people looking for just this kind of horse so don’t hesitate get down to see her soon.

Contact: Ralph D’Alessandro 585 281-1029

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Here Comes Vinny, 6 year old 16.3 h bay gelding

This big handsome fellow is much adored by his trainer and staff. His handler, the trainer’s daughter, is herself an accomplished event rider, and she thinks Vinny is an excellent event prospect. Vinny is athletic, smart, and a gentleman to work with. He has been turned out with others and ridden on the farm, where he is relaxed and happy. When we watched him jog for his video, we saw beautiful suspension and fluid movement. It is noteworthy that it was a blustery cold morning and Vinny was always as polite and calm as can be. He is a son of Prime Timber, a noted sport horse sire, and his dam is a granddaughter of Fappiano and Sir Ivor — more great jumping lines. This is another good one from a barn with consistently high quality horses.®istry=T

Price: $1,500
Contact: Dan Conway  585-329-7803

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Fire Mine, 3 year old 16.1 h dark bay gelding

Wow, what a handsome athletic leggy young guy with tons of potential. Lightly raced, his trainer says he is 100% sound but just too slow to be a racehorse. We loved his shiny black coat and beautiful face. When he jogged for his video we were impressed with his fluid movement and lightness on his feet. We got an overall impression of athleticism. His trainer says he is nice to work with and has no vices.  He is a son of Hook and Ladder, who has many offspring succeeding as eventers or show hunters. Tons of sport potential here, and once he has finished growing and fills out, he should be a stunner.®istry=T

Price: $1,500
Contact: Neville Henry 585-905-4214

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Mirthful Flirt, 6 year old 16 h bay mare

This pretty feminine girl has sweet eyes that match her sweet disposition. She is a light fluid mover with a loft and reach that should get her points in the show ring. Her trainer says she is sound without any vices. She has been a durable race horse, with a good number of wins and even more seconds and thirds in her career, so he wants to retire her now to a great new home while she is sound and has so much potential for a new discipline. We pulled her out of her stall for her photo session into a bitter cold, whipping wind that rippled through her fluffy winter coat, and she didn’t turn a hair.  Don’t overlook this lovely sweet talented mare wrapped up in a plain brown wrapper!®istry=T

Price: $1,000 negotiable
Contact: Ulises Gonzales  585-615-0497

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

Wildcats Element, 3 year old, 16.1 bay filly: retained for racing in 2014

There’s nothing wild about this doe eyed beauty. Feminine and sweet, her trainer says she is easy to handle and anyone can ride her. She impressed us as a nice mover as she trotted so quietly despite the bitter cold windy day. She remained quiet as we fussed over her taking her pictures and giving her mints that she politely took. Already a good size it’s obvious she still has more growing and filling out to do. Trainer says she is sound and feels that with more training she could make a nice child’s mount. This lovely quiet girl will impress you with her sweet demeanor, nice size and potential as a lovely child’s or ladies horse. She would just love to be the center of all your love and attention.

Asking: $600
Contact: Donna Bireta 585 281-3058

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.