ALittle Bit Ofluck 2010 15.3 chestnut mare

Luck hasn’t been very lucky recently and she could really use a helping hand with an angel who looks past her dust, her lack of groceries, her feet in need of attention and imagine the shining penny she can be with some tender loving care and the tincture of time. She was very much a sweet girl and did her best to pose for us while tolerating an impatient handler. She had every reason to be sour at her situation but never once pinned her ears or gave any indication that she was anything but patient and tolerant. Luck hasn’t been at Finger Lakes for long, having more recently run in Pennsylvania. Her one and only breeze at Finger Lakes was on 8/29/15 when she either sustained or aggravated a knee injury. Because of a bit of a language barrier we were unable to get much more information about her but do know that x-rays of the knee were not obtained so it is impossible to know the extent of her injury. When asked for a jog it was immediately apparent that she is sore so we asked the handler to stop and walk her back to her stall. It is possible that she could recover completely for light riding or what have you, and an x-ray is relatively cheap. We don’t often call on our FLF friends but when looking at her kind eyes it’s incumbent on us to give her every possible chance of landing safely.

Her trainer is asking $500 for her, which may be negotiable.

Contact Barney 585-412-3069 or John 954-643-0802

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