Bad Boy Bubby, 2006 16h bay gelding

There’s nothing bad about the  beautiful Bubby — he’s a barn favorite with a great personality, and a beautiful solid body with balanced correct conformation.  His trainer describes him as quiet, calm, sound, and a horse who does everything right. Bubby is one of those horses that is known to a lot of people on the backside, partly because he is something of a fixture here, but also because he such a cool horse who draws fans easily. Bubby is a love, a sweet been-there-done-that hunk of a horse who, we have a hunch, will be a devoted partner to his next person. He has a remarkable race record with 14 wins out of 83 starts, a testament to his work ethic and durability. He has a beautiful shoulder and kind, intelligent eyes. He moves quite lightly for his body size, with cadence, suspension, and reach. He looks like a willing sport mount to carry you across the hunt field, cross country course or dressage ring. We were also informed that earlier in his life, while in Florida, he had some training for polo, which further shows his versatility and good  brain and suitability for many new careers.  Horses like this who hold up to racing over several years, and retire sound with clean legs and a happy attitude are real gems, durable, smart, good to be around.
Race record and Pedigree: 

Price: $1000
Contact: Marianne  585-491-2391
As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

11/2014 video

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