Bad Neighbor, 7 year old, 16 h chestnut gelding

Update June 2014:  Bad Neighbor has started his new career as a track pony with an exercise rider at the track. He is a natural, and we have seen him calming young horses and showing others the ropes.

Update late summer 2013: Bad Neighbor has retired from racing due to a bowed tendon and is rehabbing on his owners’  farm near the track. Despite the bow he should be fine for most disciplines.

The only thing this boy is bad at is racing. His trainer says this guy is a morning glory who works out great in the am and then just fizzles in his races. AKA Tommy, he has a lovely topline, nice shoulder and the cutest little dot on his nose. He is a nice mover, tracked over at the walk and was very relaxed for his videos. His father, Kelly Kip was a million dollar winner! So with his great disposition and athletic ability he should transition easily into a new career.

Asking $700
Trainer Bob Ubbink 585-738-3159

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.®istry=T

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