Cora Renee’s Halo, 2015 15.2-3h bay filly

This adorable filly has shown her trainer, after only two starts, that racing is not her game. But wow do we think she could shine in the show ring!  She has very good short coupled solid conformation, with correct and clean legs, and she is reported to be very sound. She has a strong shoulder, and although just a bit butt high, she will grow and looks like she will fill out to be an uphill horse. She looks like she might top out at just about 16h when she is finished growing. She has such a kind eye, pretty face, and alert inquisitive expression.  Her handler says she is a good sensible girl, easy to work with.  We got to see her sensible demeanor first hand — as we were taking her photographs, a horse suddenly dumped its rider on the track, which is next to her barn, and the loose horse came barreling down the road, right towards us.  Cora just stood there, alertly watching, and did not act up at all.  Very impressive for a two year old! After the loose horse was corralled, Cora jogged politely, and showed beautiful movement, with light suspension, balance, and an even  rhythm. This was the day after she raced, and there was no post race stiffness at all.  She is by Langfuhr, a Danzig son who is well known for getting sound and great brained horses with a good work ethic. We know of several Langfuhr offspring who are succeeding as show hunters, and eventers.  Cora’s dam is from the Saint Ballado/Halo/Hail to Reason sire line, so there are plenty of good jumping lines in her pedigree.  Give Cora soe more time to grow up, start her in the spring, and we think whoever is lucky enough to get this filly is going to have a fancy show hunter or dressage horse! She is fully RRP eligible.
Price:  $1500 negotiable
Contact:  Adrianne D’Alessandro  585-281-1810

Race Record and pedigree:®istry=T

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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