Eileenflyr, 2010 16.3h dark bay (black) gelding

This big handsome guy, who is as close to black as a dark bay horse can get, is one of the most laid back TBs we have ever experienced.  He just wanted to hang out in the sun and get petted and enjoy treats. His owner says that he is indeed very quiet but that when he is ridden he goes right along.  He is their homebred, so you can get his entire history. She says he is sound, has never had any issues, has no vices, and is just an all around great horse.  He has raced 18 times, without winning, and has more often been used as a track pony horse, and has been ridden western and English. She says that he handles being a pony horse well, that nothing bothers him, and that he doesn’t get  flustered or keyed up when race horses bang into him act up, or get tense at the gate.  She also reports that while in Florida last winter, he was ridden and handled by kids.  They want to find their homebred boy a great new home because they do not need a track pony horse, and as a 7 year old who has not yet won a race, he is no longer eligible to race at Finger Lakes or the tracks in Florida that they frequent.  Eileenflyr was so chill that when she asked him to trot for a video, it took some encouragement to get him moving.  But then he showed us a very nice fluid trot.  His owner also attests that his canter is very comfortable — as she says, in order to be a good track pony horse, you have to have a comfortable canter because the rider has to spend so much time on the horse, often cantering.  He is barefoot and she says he has good feet.  Big, very quiet handsome TBs like Eileenflyr who are quiet enough to be a kid’s horse are special and much sought after, and this guy has generated a lot of interest from his preview photo, so we recommend calling about him very quickly.
A very good home is essential, and his owners say that they will take him back if he doesn’t work out in his new home.
Price:  $1,000 negotiable
Contact:  Clare Fennessy  352-322-0562

Race record and pedigree:  http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=9048965®istry=T

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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