Enchanter 2013 16.1 h dk bay gelding

This stunning youngster is surely enchanting and he is also on the DL for a right front sesamoid fracture sustained about three weeks ago. He will require several months of stall rest and, once appropriately rehabbed, the vet feels he will be able to resume any type of activity. While stall rest isn’t a picnic for anybody, least of all the horse, imagine what a fantastic prospect he will be as a sound, gorgeous, 3 year old!

For obvious reasons we couldn’t take him outside for his pictures but we were able to get some good conformation shots and he was amazingly well behaved for a youngster who has been cooped up for a few weeks. Already 16.1, he is still butt high and will be quite tall when he tops out. Between his flashy good looks, blingy dapples and lovely conformation he offers quite an enticing package. Add to that his breeding with known sporthorse producer Freud as his sire, he guarantees to be a head-turner once he enters the show ring.

Contact Mike LeCesse to discuss his purchase price at 585-303-9467


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