Ess Shape, 2008 16.2h+ Bay Gelding

This big solid bay impressed us with his kind and intelligent eye, and then he marched out of his stall like a perfect gentleman and  stood like a statue posing for his listing along side a busy road.  He was very well behaved and possessed an elegant and wise presence that made the volunteers think he would be a stunner in the show ring.  His natural overtrack at the walk, and his suspension filled trot made us immediately think of him as a dressage horse, but his thick build, great shoulder, and athletic ability make him suitable for many disciplines! Ess Shape has raced 61 times with over $114,000 in winnings, showing his athletic ability, as well as his physical and mental toughness and durability!  This war horse came back to the track this year and although his connections state he is sound and feel that he is physically capable of racing this year, he has shown them that he just isn’t in the game any more, and they have decided that he has earned his retirement to a riding home.  They described Ess Shape as having a great personality, easy to handle and to work with.  He certainly seemed that way to us.  This gem of a horse is going to be quite the bargain for some lucky person.

Price- $800 negotiable
Contact Jamie Schubert 585-943-4298

Race Record and Pedigree:


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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