Essence at Noon, 2012, 15h, Bay Colt

PONY CLUB ALERT!  This fluffy maned friendly fellow is an old gelding trapped in a young colt’s body.  What he lacks in size he makes up for in heart.  He is described as a groom favorite with impeccable manners with zero interest in the ladies.  He has the best manners in the barn and can be groomed and loved on without being tied.  His groom reports he also loves hugs!  “Sparky” has an agreeable personality and stood perfectly still for his photo op.  We think he enjoyed his celebrity status and was quite a ham for the camera.  Gelding procedures are very simple and inexpensive– they can be done at the track for around $150 and it may be possible to coordinate this with his trainer before leaving the track.  His trainer reports he is a very mild cribber, but not bad enough to require a strap.  In an atmosphere outside the track, it may not even be an issue but his connections are known for their transparency and full disclosure in order to place their racing athletes with the best new homes possible.  He is described as completely sound and we saw nice clean legs.
Asking $1500, negotiable.
Contact Dan Conway 585-329-7803

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