Fairway Tom 7 y.o. 16.1 h bay gelding: retained for racing

This very pretty blaze faced bay is described by his trainer as a good natured and very sensible horse who is very nice to work around. He had just raced the day before his photo session, and he was a bit sore on his knee due to the hard track this very hot and dry summer. His trainer and groom both said he becomes sound within a couple of days after a race, and has never been on the vet list. We felt his knee and legs, and there was no obvious swelling or heat. His legs look nice and clean. With some time to rest from the rigors of racing, he should be fine for many uses. With his good size, good looks, and his lovely soft and intelligent eye, he should be someone’s loyal best friend and all around pleasure horse.


Price: $1,500 negotiable
Trainer: Ed Perdue
Phone: 585-314-1026

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