Frosty Martini 2013 16.2+ ch gelding

Frosty was feeling a bit frosty on a raw, cold and wet day and, because of it, he was quite fidgety. Props to the photographer for getting any usable pictures. Seeing  him in person, he shows as a big, handsome boy whose connections tell us that he is loveable and and very friendly. Frosty Martini, a Massachusetts bred by Silk Broker,  is 15 for 0 and his trainer stated that he is just too slow to break his maiden and then remain competitive as he moves through conditions. They have stopped his race training and are hopeful that he will be snapped up before the winter sets in because they will not be bringing him back next year. One of our volunteers quipped that next years RRP could have an FLF team with a boozy theme: Frosty Martini, Dry Martini and Tequila Roar!. Indeed, Frosty Martini would be an ideal prospect for an eventing mount at next year’s RRP competition. This guy is sound, sound, sound and slow, slow, slow, but he’s got the size and build that so many shoppers are looking for, and nice horses are flying off the listings almost as soon as they are presented. Call soon!

Price $3000

Contact Linda Dixon 585-329-9062

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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