Grahamandwithers 2010 16.2 h bay gelding

“I love this horse” were the words of his handler when they walked out of the barn. She went on to rave about what a nice horse he is to be around and especially to gallop, her absolute favorite horse to swing a leg over. We loved his flashy good looks and big strided jog. Graham has not raced this year and is sporting an old, set bow on his left front but is reported to be sound on it. Watching video of his last race on November 27 last year, he made a come from behind charge to a photo finish and just missed the win by a nose. He has been a useful racehorse, amassing $125,000 in earnings in 50% in-the-money finishes. That’s heart in a racehorse and he’ll take that same heart into his next career.

Price $2000

Contact Sal Iorio 585-455-4019

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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