Grandview, 2014 16.1h bay gelding: new price

Grandview is a solid bodied guy with a great personality.  His owner/trainer describes him as fun to work with, laid back, and very playful and curious, and as an example she told us about a time when he was turned out in the fenced in back yard at her home, alongside a child’s swingset, and she looked out the window to watch Grandview happily pushing the swing back and forth. It sure does sound like he has the mind for competitive trails, or anything else you want to do!  Earlier this spring,  Grandview started developing an osselet on his left front ankle, so his owner/trainer blistered the ankle, pulled his shoes, and has given him time off. She says he is now ready to go back into light work retraining him for a new discipline, and once he fully heals from the blister and the osselet is cold and set, he will have no limitations for any discipline.  Because he is barefoot, Grandview moved a bit short while jogging on the hard pavement, but we could see that he has nice toe pointing movement and a good push from his strong hind end.  He is by MIzzen Mast, who is by Cozzene and a grandson of Caro — a sire line very popular for sport/jumping disciplines.
Price:  $500
Contact:  Amber Cobb 518-316-0089  call or text®istry=T&rbt=TB

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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