Hammerhead 2010 16.3+ gr/ro gelding

When we were introduced to Hammerhead, we asked what his JC name is, thinking that it’s term of endearment with special meaning for his personality. Nope. Hammerhead it is, named by his breeder/owner for the shape of his noggin. He has been with the same owners, his breeders, all of his life and they describe this big, handsome gelding as very mellow and very sweet. He just had a quarter crack taken care of by an expert farrier who put a bar shoe on it and he was quite sound at the walk and jog. He shows nice, balanced movement , another big gelding that moves lightly considering his height and girth. We know how popular big horses are, more so if they are big grays, so we think Hammerhead’s connections will have some serious inquiries.

Price $3500 neg.

Contact Chris Nunn 315-374-1877


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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