Helyna’s Dreaming, 4 year old, dark brown, 15.3+ filly: Placed through FLTAP


She found a great new home through FLTAP!

This striking mare is now at the Finger Lakes Adoption Program barn, where she is still looking for her great forever home.  If you are interested contact FLTAP at 585-924-9510.

This striking girl has decided she just doesn’t want to be a racehorse anymore. We were very impressed with her pretty face, compact build and nice topline. She has a nice shoulder and is well balanced. Her trainer says she is very quiet to handle but a bit protective in her stall. She has been turned out at the farm and is mid level in the turn out group. Her trainer says she is clean, sound and has no vices and could go in any direction. She feels she could do well with a novice rider after some further training. The weather that day was overcast and dull and doesn’t do her fancy coat justice. Her unique coloring certainly will get her noticed anywhere she goes. She will be very flashy under tack showing off that fancy tail. Her trainer has lovingly cared for her and would like to see her to go to a good home.

Contact: FLTAP  585-924-9510


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is required.



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