Indian Rules, 2009 16h Bay Colt

Despite this horse’s young age, he classifies as a “war horse” earning over $154,000 on the track.  This young athletic horse was feeling the chill in the air when he stepped out into the bright sunshine for our volunteers this morning.  We were unable to obtain a formal video, but it was evident he was feeling good!   His trainer states he is sound and we saw clean legs. Despite his plain bay wrapping, he is quite flashy with his beautiful, correct conformation and big shoulder.  His trainer states that he has good behavior and is not stud-ish.  However, if his extra anatomy is a deterrent, “brain surgery” (or a gelding procedure-whatever you want to call it) is an inexpensive and quick, easy investment.  Within two months, his testosterone level will be down to levels of a horse gelded for a long time!  Indian Rules has a thick, stocky build which may appeal to taller riders.  We have reason to believe this horse may need to find a new home quickly.  Please consider opening your barn to Indian Rules!
Asking $1000neg
Contact Enrique Hernandez 787-467-4906

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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