Echo King, aka “Jazz”, 2004 gelding

Jazz is an unraced TB whose registered name is Echo King… but everyone at Finger Lakes knows him as Jazz, or Jazzie. As we saw Jazz approaching us (after he first displayed his ability to be ground tied), we couldn’t help remark about his prodigious girth. And we were told that he “lives on air” and gets very little grain to maintain that boyish figure. Jazz has been used as a track pony and one of the pony girls who has used him to pony racehorses in the morning and afternoon states that he is a great guy to ride, can be opinionated, but responds very well to a confident, experienced hand. She further states that, despite his heft, he is light on his feet and very athletic, with a quick turn of foot. Jazz has pretty much done a little bit of everything and has proven to be a versatile mount, having been ridden western, English, on trails and with 4H kids. His handler told us that she feels that he might have some Morgan in him because of his action. We admired his beautiful face, kind eye and sweet demeanor. His owner is sadly parting with him because she feels that he needs to have a job and be in more consistent work. This is an excellent opportunity for a been-there-done-that guy who is sound and still full of many years of life and usefulness.

Price $1500

Contact Josie 585-749-2796

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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