Jessie Towtruck, 2008 dark bay 15.2 h stallion

Good things come in small packages, and once gelded and given a little time to rehab a small, tight bow on his left front tendon, this handsome solid bodied guy has good thing written all over him!  His name is apt — he in indeed built like a truck and he will take up a lot of leg. His trainer and handler report that Jessie is sweet, easy to get along with, quite charismatic, and not at all studdish.  He is reported to be gentle with doting kids, and his winning personality has made him quite the barn favorite — and a favorite of everyone who works in the same shedrow.  Because he has just been hand walking in the shedrow since his recent training injury, he was quite happy to be outside for his photo session, and thus was frisky for his video. But we could see hints of nice light movement, and he appeared sound. The trainer is anxious to find a loving home for Jessie where his  best can be brought out in just about any discipline.  Once given time to heal, bowed tendons usually present no limitatioons, even for eventing. And please keep in mind that Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds has a gelding incentive program, where we will contribute $50 towards the costs of gelding, to an approved good home.

Price: $400

Contact: Kathy Babcock  585-704-1357


Race record:


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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