Kerry Washington, 2011, 16.1h Chestnut Gelding

This celebrity named gelding is a bit of a celebrity in his barn-known for his great personality and looks- and also because he happens to have only one eye.  Don’t let that deter you!  We know many horses who have had very successful competitive careers with only one eye.  Although he may not have a career in the rated hunter ring, he has the build to be a great jumper, dressage horse, or to just be an all around good guy for pleasure riding.  He was perfectly behaved for his photo shoot, which has been what we observed when visiting him on other days.   He does not appear nervous or spooky. He did not display any vices in his stall.  During his very recent race on a very hot and humid day, Kerry Washington was eased, potentially fatigued. Like all horses coming off the track, he could benefit from some time to just “be a horse”.  This sweet guy is bargained price so he can find a home very quickly.
Price: $800neg
Contact: Angel Lopez 315-719-4252
Arcadio Lopez: 315-521-9556


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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