Kitchi Warrior, 2010 16.2h bay gelding

Hubba Hubba — on a day when we saw many big beautiful bays, Kitchi Warrior won our volunteers’ hearts as the handsomest hunk of the day!  This gorgeous solidly built guy could easily blend in amongst warmbloods in the show arena.  We admired his balanced build, strong shoulder, top line, elegant head, dappled gleaming coat, and kind intelligent eye– he looks show ring ready. He is clean legged, and his owner/trainer says he is very sound and a very good sensible  horse to work with, with no vices. Kitchi has a good racing record, with 6 wins, and 17 in the money finishes, but his owner wants to retire Kitchi from racing because he has developed a partially obstructed airway at top racing speeds, exacerbated in the hot humid weather this summer. He says Kitchi has no breathing issues when galloping, does not make a noise, and should be fine for any discipline that involves less than the full speed of racing.  Kitchi showed dressage type movement for his jog video, with nice suspension and engagement from behind.  The owner says he had Kitchi on his farm over the winter, and he was great to handle and good to turn out with other horses.  He is offered at a bargain price for such a big, clean legged, gorgeous horse, so call fast!
Price:  $1,500 negotiable
Contact: Kevin  585-698-8102  Note:  when he is at home rather than the track, his cell service can be spotty, so if you don’t get through keep trying. He says texts are fine as well.

Race record and pedigree:®istry=T

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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