LA REINE ROUGE, 2016 16.1h chestnut filly

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington NY (near Rochester)
Presenting The Red Queen – indeed a regal chestnut girl. Known as “Holly” to her connections, who bred her, still own her dam, train her and ride her in races, they want to exemplify the utmost responsibility as breeders: always being able to know where their beloved horse is and being able to have a say in her future. Consequently, they are offering La Reine Rouge for either a lease situation with insurance, or a co-ownership arrangement. Holly is a daughter of the great Big Brown, who is from the Danzig sire line, and is proving to be a sire of good sport horses, with good brains. After ten races in which she has yet to finish in the top three, it is obvious that Holly is not cut out to be a racehorse, but we think she has royal potential for sporting disciplines. Holly’s handler – who is her co-owner and breeder with her mother, and who gallops and rides Holly in her races, told us that the mare is very sound, and is good to handle and ride, is very athletic, and has no vices. She thinks that Holly will excel in eventing or jumping or as a show hunter. Holly has a strong sloping shoulder and strong hind end, and she has a beautiful elegant head and intelligent eye. Her handler attests that she is an intelligent mare. She showed lovely movement for her jog video, with a big trot step and flat kneed reach from her shoulders. Her handler said they could just keep her and turn her out on their farm over the winter, but that they feel she is far too athletic with such great sport horse potential to just go do nothing on the farm. In light of the owner/breeder’s wishes to keep involved in Holly’s ownership so as to insure that she is always safe and well cared for, this mare might present an ideal situation for a teen working with a trainer, who knows that in a few years they will go off to college and cannot keep their horse; in such a situation they would not have to worry about having to sell the horse, because her original owner/breeder will always be there to take her back.
Contact: Tamay Alpendar 207-432-0929 (text or call)
 La Reine Rouge left 2La Reine Rouge front  La Reine Rouge rear

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