La Wild Speed, 2010 15.3- 16h dark bay mare

She is neither wild nor speedy… but she sure is beautiful!  And she knows it too: she posed like a perfect model so we could admire her dappled shiny mahogany coat and her flashy blaze.  La Wild Speed is a testament to what good loving care can do. Her current owner/trainer acquired her last year from a high pressure shed row whose regimen obviously did not agree with the filly, since she was thin, with a dull coat, nervous, and had little appetite.  Her current connections pampered her, gave her ulcer medications, got her turned around and in the blooming good health you see now, and even got her going so well that she won for them last fall.  And while La Wild Speed is now a sweet, friendly, happy and sound mare who is great to handle, she has decided that she has had enough of racing, and is not running well this year.  So her trainer wants to do the right thing by this lovely mare and find her a great new home and a career she will enjoy more than racing.  With her soundness, good conformation, flashy good looks, and good quiet personality, La Wild Speed could excel in any new direction.  She has the size and build and soundness for polo; she has the looks and balanced movement for the show ring; she has the quiet good brain to just be your friend on the trails.
Price:  $750 negotiable
Contact:  Lauren Linn  585-919-4376

Race Record:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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