Laker Pride, 2011 16h chestnut gelding

Laker Pride is a sweet and handsome peppermint mooch with a great heart and a great temperament.  His handler and his trainer raved about what a good and kind horse he is, great to work with, and they think he could be a kid’s horse with retraining.  Laker has and old chip in the upper joint in his left knee, and he has raced with it.  The trainer said that because of the chip’s location, it could be surgically removed and he would have no limitations for a new discipline. Even without chip removal surgery, there are many things he can do with good maintenance — all but upper level high impact activities.  Laker is currently barefoot, and has not been put back into race training this year only because his trainer has her own physical issues that limit her time and riding, and require her to downsize. We admired Laker’s strong shoulder and hind end, and enjoyed hanging out with him in the sun as he munched on peppermints and grass.  The trainer’s assistant loves Laker so much he wished he could give him to his daughter to ride, but she is just out of college and busy establishing her career. But this wish to keep Laker in the family is a great endorsement, so please consider adding him to your family!

Price:  $700 negotiable

Contact: Jackie Stauffer  585-857-1413

Race Record and pedigree:®istry=T

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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