Landlash, 2007 dark bay,16.3 h mare

Stunning black beauty! This big girl is solidly built, well balanced with a great shoulder, deep chest, and strong rear end.  She is also very flashy looking with her big white blaze. She came to her current owner/trainer earlier this year not in the best of shape, and he has restored her to sleek health, but she still has some foot issues he is working on. She had a deep foot abscess that only came to the surface a few weeks before her photo session, so she was still barefoot and tender, so we asked him not to jog her. But she did show a big strided flowing walk. We watched some of her race videos, and it looks like she is a good mover with a balanced flowing canter. She has been a good race horse, winning at the allowance level at Belmont. Her trainer thinks she would make a great broodmare; her sire, Catienus, is turning out to be a good broodmare sire. But we also see show ring or sport potential here. Her half sister, Mark the Galaxy, and her half brother, Raytessa, both out of the same dam, are past stars from the last two seasons of Finger Lakes Finest TBs listings, and are both now showing promise in their new careers. Her trainer says she is a lovely mare to be around.
As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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