Lateef, 5 year old gray,16h gelding

Beautiful and puppy dog sweet — we just couldn’t stop stroking Lateef’s lovely face as he begged for more attention and treats. His owner/trainer says he is a very quiet, well behaved and friendly horse. She says her young daughter goes in his stall to brush and pet him, and that he is very kid friendly.  She is retiring him from racing because he has developed some arthritic changes in an ankle, and she wants to find him a new career while he is still sound and happy.  She said the ankle has been x-rayed and there are no chips or fractures — just calcification changes that will require some rest to fully set and a career less stressful than racing. He had just lost a shoe (but she said he has really good feet), so he did not jog for a video, but we watched the video of some of his races and based on how he galloped out after the finish and trotted back, he looks like a lovely mover with a light, floating stride.

Price: $800 negotiable
Contact: Christine Attwood — (email preferred) or 585-478-8349

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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