Little Chiseler 2014 dk bay 15.3+ filly: New Price!

Little Chiseler arrived at Finger Lakes just a short time ago after her lackluster efforts at NYRA found her seeking easier competition here. Alas, she just isn’t cutting it even with softer fields. She did break her maiden on 7/29 of this year and she appears to be a little body sore, which is an easy fix, but her win video shows her to be striding out comfortably and returning to the winner’s circle without a hitch. Little Chiseler has a lifetime of potential ahead of her as a youngster who is bound to grow and respond to letdown.We loved her gleaming, dappled coat and her lovely balanced conformation.

Price $500

Contact Adrianne D’Alessandro 585-281-1810

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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