LOOK OUT JAYCE, 2017 16.1h dark bay gelding

Named after one of the trainer’s sons, this flashy young gelding certainly checks all the boxes of what everyone says they want: young, beautiful, sound, a sweetheart who can be handled by the assistant trainer’s young kids, good movement, and a great sport horse pedigree. He was gelded about three weeks before we phtographed him, and the assistant trainer who showed him to us said that even before he was gelded he was a very sensible well behaved horse, but that since he was gelded he has proven to be a lovebug who her kids walk to and from the walking machines. She says he loves attention and treats including peppermints and carrots, and has no vices or bad habits. She also reports that he is sound, and we observed clean legs. We were impressed with all that he has handled in the last month: being gelded, and then racing just two days before we photographed him — and he is bright eyed, friendly, and happy with life. Indeed, rather than showing any ill effects from a recent race, he showed good energy on a chilly morning, with nice forward fluid movement with good reach from the shoulders. He has 16 starts, with one win and three seconds. In his 9 races this year, he has just one second place finish, so his connections realize that he just isn’t going to be a successful racehorse at the level of competition he is eligible for. But we think he can be a very successful sport horse, and he is fully eligible for the 2022 RRP. He is sired by Lookin at Lucky, a champion son of Smart Strike, who has sired durable athletic horses with heart and “try.” His dam is by Freud, another sire known for good brained, good moving, good jumping sport horses.

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