Lumberjane 2009 dark bay 16.3+ h mare

Hello Prime Timber offspring (so well known for great sport horses) lovers! The big and oh so sweet Lumberjane is back on our listings after we originally listed her as a lanky 3 year old youngster. She was retained for racing and actually produced a decent race record with 27 lifetime starts, 3 wins, 4 seconds and 4 thirds. That puts her in a category of competition on the track that the owner/trainer doesn’t want to ask of her. She is much loved by her connections and it’s easy to see why. When we first greeted Jane in her stall she walked right up and placed her lovely face into our volunteer’s chest for scritches and loving. What a sweet mare she is! We handled Jane ourselves for her photos and video while the owner/trainer was busy elsewhere and she was perfectly quiet and well behaved for photos and jogging. She loved hanging out with us and getting our attention as much as we love providing it! The lanky youngster is now all grown up into a big bodied, big mare with balanced conformation and surprisingly lofty movement for such a
big girl. She is described as sound and she appeared sound to us. She
also politely picked up her feet when one of our volunteers picked the
straw slippers out of her feet! Jane sometimes flips her palate when she races, but the trainer states that she gets anxious on race day and that stress exacerbates her tendency to have this issue. He feels confident that it is the rigors and stressof
racing that cause this and that she is unlikely to have problems in another discipline.

We feel that we know Jane well after following her for a few years, and we think this mare has unlimited potential for an eventing, fox hunting or hunter/jumper career, and we would be delighted to see her in a loving home where she will be a
pampered, doted-on best friend to her human.

Contact: Tommy Hurd 585-353-3084

Price: $1500
Race record and pedigree:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

2012 Photos:

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