Majestic One 5 year old 17 h. chestnut gelding

:Maj, aka “Big Red”, is an impressive fellow. He is easily 17 hh, and very big boned.  We refer to him as the Gentle Giant.
Update 10/28/13 – Available once again after his connections are finally convinced that this big boy is not suited to racing. Horses of this size don’t come around often. By Raffie’s Majesty, Maj has been his owner’s pet project since he was a yearling. Maj is nicely proportioned, easy to work around and, in his owner’s words, “wants to be a good boy and do everything asked of him”. Lest you think he is too big to get out of his own way, Maj is a truly beautiful mover. He is agile, athletic and surprisingly light on his feet. This writer’s daughter had started retraining him on a local farm and attests that he is wonderful to ride and a quick learner. The possibilities with this guy are endless.®istry=T

Trainer: Megan Lucas  585-919-9614
Price: $2,500



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