Malabar Anne, 2008 15.2 h dk bay mare

Malabar Anne (or Annie as we like to call her) was the last horse pulled out for us on a frigid day that was pelting us, and her, with freezing rain. Although she was shivering and hoping her photo session could soon end so she could go back into her warm dry barn, Annie behaved herself well. Annie is a pretty girl, with an alert intelligent look in her eye, and a sound girl.  She may be on the smaller side but she is very well balanced and has a good shoulder, and certainly not every rider requires a mammoth mount! She has managed to win 2 races in her lifetime, is relatively lightly raced for a six year old with only 26 starts, but she won’t be lighting up the toteboard anytime soon, so it is time for her to find a new career where she can excel. She is a sweet and nicely put together granddaughter of Unbridled who we feel certain would embrace and reward a life off the backside.  Although she was up for her jog video (no doubt trying to get out of the freezing rain and treading carefully on the slick pavement!), she showed hints of very nice well balanced movement with good reach.  Please open your heart to this sweet pretty girl and give her the great new life she so richly deserves!

Price:  $500

Contact Johnny Loiaza 585-545-5970

Race Record and pedigree:

11/29/14 video

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