M’dearheart 4yr old 16.2 h Dark bay (nearly black) filly

This very elegant black beauty is sound and clean legged, but she is showing signs that she just isn’t into racing this year, and is looking for a new career path.  No white on her to mar her perfectly good looks, she stood well for her photo session despite the fact that the wind had picked up and she was entered to race later in the day.  She is a very elegant mare, but her owner says she is anything but ladylike when it comes to dinnertime!  She says that M’dearheart likes to dunk her grain in her water bucket, but then she slurps everything up when she’s done.


Price: $500 negotiable
Contact Jared  Schoeneman 585-284-5837

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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