Mike’s Instinct, 5 year old, 16.3 black gelding

If you are looking for a thoroughbred who looks like a warmblood but with the beautiful refinement of the thoroughbred head, this gorgeous and dashing horse is for you. Big and solidly built, he is also very balanced and well put together.  He has a huge shoulder and an uphill build, which should attract eventers and dressage riders.  He has such a beautiful face, and a wise, kind and soulful look to his eye. Please forgive his dusty appearance – he was bathed before his photos so his beautiful black coat would gleam, but then he went into his freshly cleaned stall and rolled. Trust us – he has one beautiful rich coat. He was very mellow for his photos and jogged quietly for his video, showing very good movement. His trainer said he is very nice to handle, but just not racing well this year so it is time to find him a new career. He is described as a light cribber, but we did not see him try it all while we were there.  What a bargain!

Price: $500
Trainer: Jose Cabrera  315-521-3920

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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