MISS LUX 2011 15.2-15.3 Gr/roan filly

Luxy’s owner/trainer introduced us to her by stating that he literally
picked her out of a field and started working with her intending to
get her to the races. He has put a lot of time into her and it is
important to him that his pampered pet find a soft landing. As we
stood her up for pictures she had her eye on the lush grass
surrounding her and had other ideas about her time outside, but we did
get some nice pictures of this very pretty youngster. She is quiet and
sensible enough that the owner’s young children can-and do-ride her.
He also states that she is a fast learner and easily picks up
everything that he has taught her, both as he broke her and brought
her along on the track

She doesn’t have a lot of height but she is quite solid bodied and
will take up a lot of leg on taller riders and still has some growing
to do. She is described as an easy keeper who enjoys her meals and
easily maintains weight.

Contact  Marisa Monserrate 315-719-9665
Price: $1000


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