Missed A Wildcat, 2010 16.1h bay filly

This very pretty, dappled girl is described as sound but just not showing enough ability as a racehorse, so she needs to find a new career. She has a well balanced build and a great shoulder. She showed off a flowing walk and a lovely toe pointing light trot for her video. Her looks and movement suggest that the show hunter ring or dressage might be good new careers for her. She was described as good to ride, with a good work ethic, a horse who enjoys her training. She has been turned out with other mares, and is well behaved in the group. We were also told that she is good to load, bathe, and for the farrier.  This pretty young sound girl is quite the bargain!

11/2014 Note: We had this stunning mare listed earlier but she was sold to continue racing.  In her last race, she tripped coming out of the gate and gashed her leg.  The cuts are superficial and still very fresh.  The trainer reports the swelling is due to the fresh cuts and there is no tendon, ligament, or bone injuries associated.  She could continue racing after the cuts heal and the swelling goes down, but this late in the meet, the trainer prefers she find a new home to begin a second career.

Price:  $500 negotiable to a good home

Contact:   Victor (585) 919 9704

Race Record and Pedigree: http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=8850489&registry=T

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