Mom Proof, 2007 16.2 h chestnut gelding: Now at FLTAP

Update October 21, 2014:  Mom Proof has been accepted into the Finger Lakes adoption program, and is now at the FLTAP barn on the track premises. You can call them and arrange to see him there. He will be available for adoption to approved homes with a contract.

This very good looking big guy is like a pet to his trainer, who loves him dearly and wants to find him a great new home since he is no longer competitive in racing. Extolling his virtues, his trainer says he is sound and durable, has a good attitude about everything, is a very good boy who is great to handle, and a very friendly horse who likes to bond with people, and loves his peppermint treats (which we can certainly attest to!). We saw Mom Proof less than 48 hours after he had raced, and he seemed none the worse for wear, and jogged nicely, with a good reach to his trot. His trainer says he gets a small fluid pocket on his knee for a couple of days after a race (which we felt), and then he is fine. He has never missed a start and has never had any lay ups from any injuries or problems throughout his long racing career of 84 starts. With this kind of durability, Mom Proof obviously has a good mind and good balance, and should transition well to many new disciplines. Another gem of a war horse who so richly deserves a great new home!

Contact:  Julie at FLTAP  (585) 924-9510

Pedigree and race record:

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