Money Zapper, 2010 16.2h+ bay gelding: retained for racing

On a day when we saw many seriously nice horses, the volunteers who were privileged enough to see this big handsome son of superstar Ghostzapper were smitten, declaring him their favorite of the day!  Money Zapper just oozes quality; the photos do not do him justice. This is a “must see in person” horse if you are looking for a great prospect for show hunter, jumper, or eventing!  When we saw Money Zapper, we were immediately drawn in by his classic good looks, solid boned correct conformation, strong deep shoulder, big chest,  uphill and well balanced build.  The alert and intelligent look to his kind eye, his well mannered presence, and his very nice long strided balanced movement add to the exciting package.  The groom who showed him to us said he is a well mannered good horse to handle, although he can at times be a bit mouthy.  Money Zapper runs better over the synthetic surface at Presque Isle than he does over the hard Finger Lakes dirt surface, and since the Presque Isle meet is now over for this season, and Money Zapper has few conditions for which he is eligible at Finger Lakes, his owners want to find him a great new home while he is still sound and happy.  He is indeed  described as sound, and his legs looked clean.  One of our volunteers felt his legs and palpated them, and pronounced them in excellent shape.  His feet are over due for a trim, and his overly long toes at times seemed to cause him some difficulty while jogging, but nonetheless we could see very good movement. We also watched some race videos, and saw a balanced fluid big strided gallop and a similarly ground covering trot with good flow from the shoulders and a flat kneed reach.   This horse ticks all the boxes of what everyone says they are looking for, and considering his quality, great breeding, soundness, size, and movement, he is very reasonably priced.
Price: $2500
Contact: Mike LeCesse  585-303-9467

Race Record:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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