Mr. Reese, 4 year old 15.3 h bay gelding

Adorable – we all fell for the sweet and cute Mr. Reese.  His owner and groom attested to what a nice boy he is, but he is just not cut out to be a race horse. Well put together, clean legged, sound, and a nice mover, surely he will excel in many other disciplines.  He was very friendly and quiet for his photo session and jog video, and was eagerly looking around for treats.  He is described as sound with no vices. This is a horse you can fall in love with and take in any direction. He is likely to grow a bit more before he fully matures, and he is solid bodied enough to take up the leg of a taller rider.

Price: $1,000 negotiable
Contact:  Nirka Huertas 585-737-8817  or Ana Soto (contact info to be added)

As always, a pre-purchase exam is recommended.

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