My Silver Bear 2009 16.3+ gr/ro gelding

We love all of the horses we list, and believe every single one of them offers something to a prospective buyer who will bring out their greatest potential, whether as a casual pleasure mount or a high level sport horse competitor.

Bear is a high calibre prospect, a treat for us to witness as a superb example of looks, size, soundness and movement that creates the “perfect storm” of OTTB magnificence! This is not the first time we have been wowed by horses coming from these connections, both former jockeys, who know their way around quality horseflesh. Wow, is he ever a feast for the eyes!

Bear ran yesterday, lost a shoe in the process, and looked none the worse for wear. His connections state that he is sound, sound, sound and we saw nothing to give us pause. He is reported to be terrific to work with on the ground, very well mannered and is described as a “big ole teddy bear”!  His handler described him as a sweet boy on the ground, but a beast on the track, and that lends us to suggest that he needs a highly experienced and confident rider who will expect him to mind his manners, a reminder he respects. He is a big and fit horse and we can imagine him being a legitimate upper level eventer. He has that much “go” and, at the jog, he exhibits truly beautiful, balanced movement with suspension. His handler was avoiding an exuberant display of air-above-the-ground so kept his jog to a contained slow jog. Remember, he just ran yesterday and that apparently took nothing out of him!

Over the course of his racing career he has notched 5 wins, 9 seconds and 7 thirds out of 45 starts, hitting the board 20 times out of his 4 starts. That’s an impressive race record and he has maintained his soundness for all of those starts. He’s as honest as the day is long!

This lovely boy is waiting for the right person to take him to something approaching greatness off the track. He has the goods and is waiting for the right person to bring it out of him. When we left him he was happily tucking into his lunch!

Contact John or Polly Grabowski 315-986-7013

Price $5000

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