NAUGHTY PUMPKIN, 2020 16h chestnut filly

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY (near Rochester)

Not quite ready to give up pumpkin spice season just yet? Well now, with this lovely filly, you can legitimately enjoy pumpkin spice all year round! Meet Naughty Pumpkin, whose fabulous movement left us all saying WOW!  We were told that this spunky, pretty ginger girl has zero interest in racing, as demonstrated by her three lackluster races. She’s finished last every single time. Her owner told us, “she’s excellent to ride and will do anything that you ask of her…. Except go fast!”. So rather than trying to make her into a racehorse (which she clearly doesn’t want to be), it is time to find her a new job. She has unlimited potential for any new sport horse career. We were told that she is very sound and has no stable vices but can have her occasional spicy moments. Given her young age, athleticism, along with that perfect little sprinkle of spice, at this time she is better suited for a more experienced OTTB owner.  She stood quietly and posed politely for her photos making our job super easy. With nicely balanced proportions and solid build, she’s got good bone and tight, clean legs. We admired her lovely arched neck and pretty face with its distinct marking. We were told that she has great feet; she even trained barefoot and was not shod until her first race. And we did observe very nice feet with a good heel. A lovely shade of chestnut (the dreary day did not help to reflect this in her photos), she even has the perfect touch of chrome to help get you noticed. But as pretty as she is now, imagine how stunning this still growing girl will be a year from now as she matures and fills out. We were totally wowed by her gorgeous movement during her jog video- that should be WOW and GORGEOUS in capitals. She’d raced only three days before and she moved fluidly with no sign of any stiffness. We observed light, springy, balanced movement with nice reach from her shoulder. She appears to be an agile, athletic, good-feeling, gorgeous-moving filly who could easily excel in dressage, hunters or eventing. This lovely homebred has an excellent pedigree for sport as well. She is sired by Big Brown, who is from the Danzig sire line, and whose offspring are popular with eventers and known for their nice movement and good jumping ability.  Her dam, named One for Grandpa (we’re sure there’s a nice heart-warming story there), is by Mayakovsky who is from the Capote branch of the Seattle Slew line. She has Damascus, Roberto, and Round Table in her pedigree — all sires known for great jumping lines.  

Price:  $4,000 negotiable to an excellent home

Contact: Aadil Khan @347-624-4977 (text preferred)

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