New York Bourbon 2014 15.3 gr/ro filly

We know that all of our followers that love gray babies will swoon over this pretty mare who has been a bust on the race track with 37 attempts at a win and coming up short every time. But she ticks all the boxes with her ground manners, soundness and all around good citizenry. Her trainer says that she is sound and doesn’t like the track environment, will run her stall during the morning bustle, but is fine on the farm when away from the track environment. He doesn’t like that she isn’t in good weight now but expect it to turn around once she is happily ensconced on a farm in turnout, as she has been when wintering in the past.Bourbon is reported to be sound, great for the farrier, loads and ships well and is a sweetheart in every way. She was sweet and well mannered the morning of her interview and loved the attention we gave her. Bourbon is by Stay Thirsty (Bernardini) out of a Behrens (Pleasant Colony) mare. Load this lovely mare on your trailer before the snow flies, give her some turnout and start having some fun with her in the spring.

Price $2000 OBO

Contact Joe Marino 315-521-0583

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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