Nutz on the River, 2 year old, 15.3h gelding

This gorgeous solid bodied unraced young guy has a lot of room to grow, and huge athletic potential. We spent a lot of time with this young man and his trainer. He has been training well and putting on the miles, but the trainer feels that he is just too big to hold up to the rigors of racing. This writer has known the trainer for many years and respects the vast experience and knowledge she has and has known her to always do right by her horses.

Nutz (we thought he looked like a Baby Huey) was pretty laid back for his photo shoot and we oohed and aa-hed at his solid good looks. Considering he is a late foal (May) and is already 15.3, we predict this guy is going to get bigger. He has an ulcer on his right eye that impairs his vision to about 40% but it has not been an issue for him while in race training. His trainer is his regular rider and states that he is easy to ride and very smooth. She further states that he is very smart and relaxed by nature. We think this guy has tons of potential and we’ll be eager to follow him in future years. he is currently located on a farm very close to Finger Lakes Race track, where you can even ride him. The trainer will be vetting prospective homes very carefully, to make sure this boy goes to the best situation.

Contact: Dorothy Gentner 518-522-0229

Price: Contact trainer.

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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