One Star Freedom, 2008 17 h gray stallion

This lovely, big, gentle boy is close to the hearts of the FLF volunteers and the connections who we worked with to take him in after he bowed his left front tendon and have lovingly nursed him to soundness. Earlier this year we were alerted to his precarious situation by another trainer and an exercise rider, and we immediately went to his barn for pictures and we knew we would have to put our heads together to save such a gorgeous and hardknocking horse who was a favorite of many people around the track. We learned that he was perilously close to euthanasia, so we networked frantically, and persuaded his current connections, who are family of an FLF volunteer, to take him in. They had a thorough vet evaluation, including x-rays and ultrasounds, and the vet gave him a very good prognosis after proper rehab care. His current connections started rehabbing the bowed tendon with cold hosing and bute and naquazone to reduce inflammation and pain. After a period of stall rest along with cold hosing while grazing, he was ready for handwalking and, gradually, increased activity. Four months after his injury, One Star (now called Clark in homage to that venerable man of steel, Clark Kent, aka Superman) has a leg that is tight and cold, with just a discernible thickening of the tendon, and he is trotting sound! While watching him jog on a loose lead, we couldn’t believe how beautifully he moved and what a chill guy he is. He followed his handler like a puppy dog and was so sweet and personable that we were a bit choked up to recall that his fate may have been so very different if the a community of good people didn’t come together to his aid. I am convinced Clark knows that and is grateful for his second chance at life. All x-rays are available for review. We will be very careful about who gets this very special horse.

Price:  $1500 to an approved home.

Contact Megan, call or text 585-919-9614.

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