One Sweet Ride 2013 15.3 h bay mare

This sweet little lady has a story to tell, not a very happy one, but it has a great ending. She had been in a herd situation and, as low horse in the pecking order, was starving in harsh winter conditions that likely would have eventually been her demise. Happily, her former and current trainer got wind of her situation, took her back and has brought her back to shiny good health, which thrilled and impressed our volunteers. She is described as a sweet tempered horse and we observed a quiet, polite mare who relishes attention. We were advised that she does best in turnout and doesn’t like stall confinement. She may be an excellent candidate for 24/7 turnout if that’s what you have, but she definitely needs ample turnout. One Sweet Ride is being sold as a package deal with her adorable 9 year old mini mare companion, April, who is registered and has papers. One Sweet Ride is currently racing and is sound on clean legs. We all agree that she is a pretty, well conformed mare who showed off beautiful movement at the jog and proves that “flashy” isn’t all about bling! For obvious reasons all prospective buyers will be required to provide references so that One Sweet Ride is transitioned to a home that will not let her down again.

Price $1500

Contact Jackie Stauffer 585-857-1413 text preferred

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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