Penitent 2013 16.1 h dk bay gelding

A lightly raced gelding who hasn’t managed to grab the gold ring, Penitent has the looks and size to leave racing in his rear view mirror and head right into a sporting discipline, where we think he will be more successful. Since being broke as a racehorse, Penitent hasn’t had any breaks and the deep, loose track here has caused some hind end soreness which his trainer states will be helped by some turnout and living the life of a horse. He is reported to be sound otherwise with clean legs and when we first arrived at the track we watched him leave the barn to go to the training track for a morning jog. His trainer states that Penitent is a good boy under tack and, if he has any vices, it is being territorial in his stall. While he was standing for his photos, we admired his big, beautiful shoulder and how it tied in to his neck. We think this young gelding has a lot of potential once he gets some letdown.

Price $2500

Contact Megan Lucas 585-503-7743

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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