Pomeroy’s Ticket, 2012 15.3h+ dark bay filly: new price

What a beauty! This lovely daughter of Pomeroy, by Danzig’s son Boundary, was bred to be a good thing on the racetrack and she got sidelined by an ankle injury that happened very recently. When we saw her out of her stall, she walked sound but we did not ask for a jog video. She was done up in wraps so we could not see if the fetlock area had swelling,  so we think that a discussion with her vet about her x-rays would be wise. We had no details, but we do understand that she was claimed recently from a large stable and it is our understanding the injury happened during her most recent race.  Considering she has been on stall rest, she was quiet and respectful out of her stall and had every excuse to be reactive to  her environment but wasn’t. She was quiet and classy during her photo session and we think that she may well have tremendous potential when she is given the time to heal. Again, she was sound at the walk.


Price $600 negotiable

Contact Roy 585-683-9940

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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