Princeofproximity, 7 year old, bay 15.3 h gelding

Flashy, great mover, and with a great personality — come see why he is his trainer’s favorite, and you too will quickly fall for this beautiful  horse.  There is so much to admire about this prince, that we couldn’t take our eyes off him: very well balanced, excellent shoulder and deep chest, solid bone, nice topline, clean legs except for one old splint, a long strided flowing walk, excellent suspension, reach and float at the trot.  His head is so pretty that we just kept taking pictures, drawn in by his kind eye and intelligent alertness.  His trainer says he is quite a character, a horse who loves to work, enjoys life, and shows his happiness with squeals of glee.  She kept telling us how much she loves this horse, and it is easy to see why.  With his looks, movement, and obvious athleticism, we can see him going in many directions, from fancy show hunter to upper level eventing.

Price:  $2,500
Trainer: Marialice Coffey  315-573-3414

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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