PURCHASING POWER, 2015 17.1h+ chestnut gelding

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY (near Rochester)
Unicorn alert!!! We so often get messages asking us to keep our eyes open for a truly big 17h+, sound, well bred, gorgeous lofty moving gelding who has potential for many sport horse disciplines… for a bargain price. We have usually replied to those messages with some variation of “in your wildest dreams” … and yet here he is — exactly what we know so many of you have been coveting! Purchasing Power is sired by superstar Curlin, a son of Smart Strike out of a Deputy Minister mare. His dam has Dynaformer (Roberto) close up in her pedigree. Purchasing Power won his most recent race just a few days before we photographed him… and yet he jogged off showing beautiful light and lofty movement with a big step, great engagement and reach, and no signs of post-race stiffness when we photographed him just three days after he had raced. His trainer is ready to move him on to a new career simply because his most recent win, # 5 in his racing career, means that there will be very few race eligibility conditions for which Purchasing Power will be both eligible and competitive. We admired his solid boned uphill build and strong shoulder, and drooled over his lofty trot with suspension and cadence. His handler describes him as a horse who is strong and eager to work on the track, and who can have a playful mouthy nippy demeanor especially when he has not recently been in regular work. She also said that he loves to be groomed and is not at all ticklish. She thinks that this big strong gelding is best suited for an experienced rider with aspirations for upper-level sporting disciplines such as eventing, jumping and dressage. He is not a horse for someone just looking for a laid-back cuddly pet. But for those of you looking for a serious upper-level sport horse prospect, we think this regally bred boy is one you should seriously consider! We expect that such a spectacular horse offered at such an enticing price will be very popular… so our advice is to contact Jamie right away, and try to persuade her through your experience and references that​ you are the deserving one who can bring out this bug guy’s potential while giving him a secure loving home that does not subject him to the vagaries of the reselling market.
Price: $1500
Contact Jamie Boldt 585-943-4298
Purchasing Power rear
A PPE is always recommended. For information about on track veterinary practices available to do PPEs please see the How to Buy menu tab on our website, which is linked in the post pinned to the top of our FB page.

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