Real Wonder, 2008, 16h Bay Gelding.

This lovely gelding has shown a fairly low aptitude for racing, as he has not yet had a win and at six years old is running out of conditions for which he is able to run. But with his good looks, quiet demeanor, and soundness, he sure looks like he could shine in the show ring! His connections call him “Junior” and he is definitely a barn favorite. His connections are known for their great caretaking and deep bonds they form with their race horses, and Junior has been no exception.  His trainer will keep him as long as necessary to ensure the perfect home is found for this “people horse”.  “Junior” has good manners and was on his best behavior for his glamor shots, despite the cold, blustery day which had many horses feeling frisky.  he jogged very quietly and showed nice balanced light movement. His trainer reports that he can have “younger brother” behaviour sometimes, meaning that he isn’t naughty-but can be a little bit annoying.  He has no vices and nice clean legs!  Horses with these attributes have been selling very quickly.  If you have had your eyes out for big, young, clean legged and sound, geldings, you will need to call very quickly for this guy.  A perfect home is an absolute must.

Asking $1500 negotiable, References will be checked.
Contact Eileen Muller 585-748-5261

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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