Regal Encounter, 9 year old, 15.3, dk bay gelding: Placed!

This solid looking boy has a Quarter Horse build that would look great under English or Western tack. He has been well cared for by his trainers who feel he deserves to retire now still clean and sound. She said he does nothing wrong, is smart and takes good care of himself. She also mentioned he is good to handle, loads and ships well.We were certainly very impressed with how well balanced he is with a beautiful slope to his shoulder and his mature nature.He was very quiet while he was watching all the action going on at the track. His video shows what a lovely mover he is, very free and forward. His trainer feels he would do well with a moderate to advanced rider to transition him from the track. She said he cribs lightly but has never worn a collar.

Contact: Debra Breed 585 289-3467

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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