Rocky Field, 2009 16h bay mare

Rocky Field may be one of those proverbial diamonds in the rough. She has a plain bay wrapping but we think she has some athleticism that isn’t brought out on the racetrack. Her sire, Legion Field, is known to produce excellent jumpers and that seems to be born out in the use of her hind end when we watched her jog. She is reported to be sound, without vices and easy to work with. She will have one more race this race meet and then will be ready to be molded into the sporting, jumping athlete she is meant to be. Her trainer reports that she has a big “go” button and is a very forward girl. Eventing anyone?

Race record and pedigree:

Contact Jimmy Kettell 585-313-1998

Price $500

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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